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Objetos que dan los Pokemones

Normal Water Bug
Item 2645.png Aipom's tail Item 7862.png Alligator crest Item 2647.png Ariados' leg
Item 9010.png Clefable's tail Item 2648.png Aqua ear Item 10236.png Bag of pollen
Item 9019.png Clefairy's tail Item 2649.png Aqua tail Item 8878.png Big mushroom
Item 10362.png Comb Item 8884.png Big ruby Item 8846.png Butterfree's wing
Item 2657.png Furret's tail Item 10390.png Crab claw Item 9007.png Caterpie's horn
Item 2658.png Girafarig's tail Item 2652.png Electric antenna Item 2660.png Heracross' horn
Item 8875.png Bitten green apple Item 8842.png Gyarados' fin Item 10249.png Horn
Item 10434.png Hamburger Item 10229.png Gyarados' tail Bug plate.png Insect plate
Item 10431.png Hot dog Item 8866.png Kingler's pincers Item 2665.png Ladybug shell
Love plate.png Love plate Item 2695.png Octillery's tentacle Item 10366.png Mushroom
Item 10369.png Luck medalion Item 8885.png Pot of fresh water Item 6277.png Pair of twin needles
Item 10253.png Microphone Item 8870.png Red gyarados' tail Item 9697.png Paras' claw
Item 7867.png Moo-moo milk Item 10371.png Ruby Item 9698.png Parasect's claw
Item 10294.gif Moon stone Item 2669.png Slowking's crown Item 10354.png Pot of bug moss
Item 10250.png Nail Item 10380.png Slowpoke tail Item 2666.png Scizor's claw
Item 2664.png Noctowl's wing Splash plate.png Splash plate Item 10316.png Scythe
Item 10438.png Pizza Item 10251.png Squirtle's hull Item 2689.png Yanma's wing
Item 10357.png Rat tail Item 8869.png Wartortle's hull Item 2667.png Shuckle's shell
Item 9699.png Rattata's tail Item 10258.png Water gem Item 8845.png Venomoth's wing
Item 10356.png Bitten red apple Item 8880.png Water orb Item 11530.png Ninjask's wing
Item 8711.png Sentret's tail Item 10353.png Water pendant
Item 10393.png Tongue Item 10245.gif Water stone
Item 10370.png Wool ball Tentacruelseye.png Tentacruel's eye
Togepisshell.png Togepi's shell Starmiesskin.png Starmie's skin
Taurostail.png Tauros' Tail Seelstail.png Seel's fin
Item 11548.png Honey Qwilfishfin.png Qwilfish fin
Item 11541.png Loudred's ear Poliwagstail.png Poliwag's tail
Item 11516.png Clefairy plush Laprasfin.png Lapras' fin
Corsolashorn.png Corsola's horn
Item 11532.png Milotic's scale
Item 11538.png Lotad's hat
Item 11550.png Heart scale
Fire Grass Poison
Item 8867.png Charizard's wing Item 10236.png Bag of pollen Item 8879.png Amethyst pendant
Item 10252.png Dragon claw Item 8713.png Bayleef's leaf Item 9006.png Arbok's tail
Item 7342.png Elder charizard's claw Item 2650.png Bellossom's flower Item 10262.png Bottle of poison
Item 8839.png Elder charizard's wing Item 10237.png Bulb Item 10367.png Bug antenna
Item 10259.png Fire essence Item 2651.png Chikorita's leaf Item 10368.png Bug venom
Item 10233.png Fire potion Item 9080.png Cotton ball Item 9693.png Crobat's wing
Item 10289.gif Fire stone Item 8876.png Emerald pendant Item 9694.png Ekans' tail
Flame plate.png Flame plate Item 2691.png Gloom's flowers Item 9695.png Golbat's wing
Item 10363.png Fox tail Item 7868.png Golden seed Item 10385.png Goo
Item 10364.png Fur Item 9696.png Hoppip's leaf Item 10358.png Tooth
Item 2661.png Houndoom's tail Item 10246.gif Leaf stone Item 7864.png Toxic orb
Item 2662.png Magcargo's hull Item 10238.png Pair of leaves Toxic plate.png Toxic plate
Item 8868.png Magma box Meadow plate.png Meadow plate Item 10365.png Zubat's wing
Item 10232.png Moltres pen Item 10260.png Seed Nidokingsear.png Nidoking's ear
Item 10250.png Nail Item 2169.png Sun stone Nidoqueensear.png Nidoqueen's ear
Item 8883.png Ruby pendant Item 8841.png Vileplume's petal Item 11524.png Seviper's tail
Ponytasleg.png Ponyta's leg Venusaursleaf.png Venusaur's leaf Item 11551.png Dustox's wing
Item 11517.png Torkoal's shell Skiploomsflower.png Skiploom's flower
Item 11529.png Numel's ball Meganiumsflower.png Meganium's flower
Item 11554.png Flame orb Exeggutorsleg.png Exeggutor's Leg
Item 11515.png Tropius leaf
Item 11523.png Shiftry's leaf
Item 11525.png Seedot's hat
Item 11527.png Roselia's flower
Item 11543.png Growth mulch
Electric Ice Rock
Item 2646.png Ampharos' tail Item 10230.png Articuno pen Item 9005.png Aerodactyl's tail
Item 8884.png Big ruby Item 8886.png Big pearl Item 8874.png Aerodactyl's wing
Item 10359.png Electric box Item 8865.png Dewgong's tail Itemid 8871.png Crystal onix's tail
Item 10318.png Electric tail Item 10317.png Ice bra Item 10388.png Onix's tail
Item 2655.png Flaaffy's tail Item 8712.png Ice essence Item 1294.png Small stone
Item 7869.png Flash sphere Item 10384.pngIce orb Item 10379.png Stone orb
Item 10381.png Iman Icicle plate.png Icicle plate Stone plate.png Stone plate
Item 8881.png Pikachu's tail Item 10386.png Oyster shell Item 2686.png Sudowoodo's branch
Item 8882.png Raichu's tail Item 7866.png Nevermeltice Item 2687.png Tyranitar's tail
Item 10261.png Screw Item 2690.png Smoochum's hair Rhydonshorn.png Rhydon's horn
Item 10247.gif Thunder stone Item 11545.png Big sapphire
Zap plate.png Zap plate
Item 10231.png Zapdos pen
Ground Psychic Flying
Item 10391.png Bone Item 10377.png Future orb Item 10355.png Bird beak
Item 2653.png Donphan's skin Item 10389.png Hypnotic pendulum Item 8844.png Fearow's wing
Ground plate.png Earth plate Item 10315.png Mimic clothes Item 10383.png Feather
Item 2659.png Gligar's claw Mind plate.png Mind plate Flying plate.png Sky plate
Item 8877.png Marowak's mask Item 10376.png Psychic spoon Item 10382.png Stick
Item 10360.png Bag of sand Item 2696.png Xatu's wing Item 2694.png Straw
Item 1294.png Small stone Item 11535.png Lugia's pen Fearowsfeather.png Fearow's feather
Item 11514.png Trapinch's skin Item 11521.png Spellbook Item 11518.png Swellow's pen
Item 11546.png Claydol's skin Item 11542.png Grumpig's tail
Steel Dragon Fighting
Iron plate.png Iron plate Draco plate.png Draco plate Item 10378.png Belt of champion
Item 8888.png Metal coat Item 8887.png Dragon scale Punch plate.png Fist plate
Item 2668.png Skarmory's wing Item 8873.png Dragonair's tail Item 10364.png Fur
Item 7874.png Steel orb Item 8872.png Dragonite's wing Item 1294.png Small stone
Item 2671.png Steelix's tail Item 10384.png Ice orb Item 11519.png Power bag
Item 11520.png Steel powder Dragonairsgem.png Dragonair's gem Item 11534.png Makuhita's arm
Item 11533.png Mawile's skin Item 11544.png Altaria's wing Item 11549.png Hariyama's hand
Item 11539.png Lairon's skin Item 11552.png Dragon skull
Ghost Dark Fairy
Item 10377.png Future orb Shadow plate.png Dread plate
Item 7865.png Spell tag Item 2663.png Murkrow's feather
Spooky plate.png Spooky plate Item 2672.png Sneasel's claw
Item 10387.png Trace of ghost Item 11531.png Moon powder
Misdreavusgem.png Misdreavus' gem Item 11537.png Absol's horn
Item 11526.png Nightmare gem

Obtenible por habilidades activas de Pokemon

Apricorns Berries Powders
Item 7880.png Black apricorn Item 2673.png Cheri berry Item 2683.png Green powder
Item 7882.png Green apricorn Item 2674.png Chesto berry Item 2684.png Red powder
Item 7883.png Pink apricorn Item 2675.png Pecha berry Item 2685.png White powder
Item 7884.png Red apricorn Item 2676.png Rawst berry Item 8722.png Aqua powder
Item 7885.png White apricorn Item 2678.png Aspear berry Item 8961.png Blue powder
Item 7886.png Yellow apricorn Item 2679.png Leppa berry Item 8723.gif Rainbow powder
Item 7887.png Blue apricorn Item 2680.png Persim berry
Item 2681.png Lum berry


Bags Bags Bags
Bp blue.png Blue backpack Bp dewgong.png Dewgong bag Bp mewtwo.png Mewtwo bag
Bp green.png Green backpack Bp dragonite.png Dragonite bag Bp pidgeot.png Pidgeot bag
Bp red.png Red backpack Bp forretress.png Forretress bag Bp pikachu.png Pikachu bag
Bp white.png White backpack Bp geodude.png Geodude bag Bp sandslash.png Sandslash bag
Bp yellow.png Yellow backpack Bp golduck.png Golduck bag Bp scizor.png Scizor bag
Bp aerodactyl.png Aerodactyl bag Bp haunter.png Haunter bag Bp scyther.png Scyther bag
Bp arbok.png Arbok bag Bp machamp.png Machamp bag Bp snorlax.png Snorlax bag
Bp charizard.png Charizard bag Bp mew.png Mew bag Bp victreebel.png Victreebel bag
Bp cubone.png Cubone bag Bp espeon.png Espeon bag Bp umbreon.png Umbreon bag
Bp sneasel.png Sneasel bag Bp kakuna.png Kakuna bag Bp eevee.png Eevee bag
Bp flareon.png Flareon bag Bp jolteon.png Jolteon bag Bp vaporeon.png Vaporeon bag
Bp treecko.png Treecko bag Bp torchic.png Torchic bag Bp mudkip.png Mudkip bag
Bp mrmime.png Mr Mime bag Bp wartortle.png Wartortle bag Bp chikorita.png Chikorita bag
Bp ditto.png Ditto bag Bp wigglytuff.png Wigglytuff bag Bp lovely.png Lovely bag
Bp tg.png Tg bag Bp celebi.png Celebi bag Bp kingdra.png Kingdra bag
Bp zapdos.png Zapdos bag Bp articuno.png Articuno bag Bp moltres.png Moltres bag
Bp lapras.png Lapras bag Bp omastar.png Omastar bag Bp magikarp.gif Magikarp bag
Bp animated.gif Animated bag Bp lugia.png Lugia bag Bp stantler.png Stantler bag
Bp porygon.gif Porygon bag Bp ambipom.png Ambipom bag Bp arcanine.png Arcanine bag
Bp magmar.png Magmar bag Bp togekiss.png Togekiss bag Bp electabuzz.png Electabuzz bag
Bp anniversary.png Anniversary bag
Balls Potions and Revives Evo items
Item 2264.png Pokeball Item 10272.png Light potion Item 10294.gif Moon stone
Item 2305.png Great ball Item 10269.png Great potion Item 10245.gif Water stone
Item 2272.png Super ball Item 10271.png Super potion Item 10246.gif Leaf stone
Item 2170.png Ultra ball Item 10270.png Ultra potion Item 10247.gif Thunder stone
Item 2171.png Saffari ball Item 10268.png Hyper potion Item 8888.png Metal coat
Item 8820.png Rocket ball Item 10267.png Revive Item 8887.png Dragon scale
* Check also : Painting Item 10273.png Full revive Item 8890.png Upgrade
Item 2169.png Sun stone
Item 8889.png King's rock
Protector.png Protector
Magmarizer.gif Magmarizer
Electrizer.gif Electrizer
Shinystone.gif Shiny Stone
Tmancientpower.gif TM Ancient Power
Mtcoronetfragment.gif MT Coronet Fragment
Tmrollout.gif TM Rollout
Tmdoublehit.gif TM Double Hit
Item 11528.png Prism scale
Item 11540.png Deep sea tooth
Item 11547.png Deep sea scale

Articulos de misiones o eventos

Boxes Flutes Other
I!box 1.png Kanto Box 1 Item 10215.png Pokeflute Item 6512.png Santa doll
I!box 2.png Kanto Box 2 Item flute snore.PNG Snore flute Item 10374.png Punch machine
I!box 3.png Kanto Box 3 Item flute dread.PNG Dread flute Item 10392.png Kick machine
I!box 4.png Kanto Box 4 Item 9941.png Star flute X!spin machine 56031.png Spin machine
Jbox 1.png Johto Box 1 Item 10394.png Flute 3039.png Red gem
Jbox 2.png Johto Box 2 Flute venom.png Venom flute Cloned ticket.png Mewtwo's Island ticket
Jbox 3.png Johto Box 3 Flute crystal.png Crystal flute Sleeping gengar plush.gif Sleeping gengar plush
Jbox 4.png Johto Box 4 Flute dragon.png Dragon flute Egg golden pokemon.gif Golden Pokemon Egg
I!box cloned.png Cloned Box Packofclothes.png Pack of Clothes
Box hoenn2.png Hoenn Box 2 61602.png Experience Ticket
Box hoenn3.png Hoenn Box 3
Papoi box.png PApoi box
Pumpkin silver.gif Silver Pumpkin
Pumpkin golden.gif Golden Pumpkin
Dolls Dolls Dolls
Doll bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur doll Doll charizard.png Charizard doll Doll butterfree.png Butterfree doll
Doll pidgeotto.png Pidgeot doll Doll pikachu.png Pikachu doll Doll raichu.png Raichu doll
Doll jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff doll Doll psyduck.png Psyduck doll Doll growlithe.png Arcanine doll
Doll poliwrath.png Poliwrath doll Doll slowbro.png Slowbro doll Doll seel.png Seel doll
Doll cubone.png Cubone doll Doll chansey.png Chansey doll Doll lapras.png Lapras doll
Doll omanyte.png Omanyte doll Doll kabuto.png Kabuto doll Doll aerodactyl.png Aerodactyl doll
Doll articuno.png Articuno doll Doll zapdos.png Zapdos doll Doll moltres.png Moltres doll
Doll mewtwo.png Mewtwo doll Doll mew.png Mew doll Doll chikorita.png Chikorita doll
Doll cyndaquil.png Cyndaquil doll Doll totodile.png Totodile doll Doll hoothoot.png Hoothoot doll
Doll crobat.png Crobat doll Doll mareep.png Mareep doll Doll bellossom.png Bellossom doll
Doll marill.png Marill doll Doll politoed.png Politoed doll Doll slowking.png Slowking doll
Doll steelix.png Steelix doll Doll snubbull.png Snubbull doll Doll heracross.png Heracross doll
Doll teddiursa.png Teddiursa doll Doll corsola.png Corsola doll Doll kingdra.png Kingdra doll
Doll miltank.png Miltank doll Doll blissey.png Blissey doll Doll raikou.png Raikou doll
Doll entei.png Entei doll Doll suicune.png Suicune doll Doll lugia.png Lugia doll
Doll hooh.png Ho-Oh doll Doll celebi.png Celebi doll Doll blaziken.png Blaziken doll
TM case Carpets Trophies
Case blue.gif TM case 1 Sableye carpet.png Sableye carpet Item 11115.png Charizard Trophy
Case green.gif TM case 2 Duskull carpet.png Duskull carpet Item 11116.png Venusaur Trophy
Case yellow.gif TM case 3 Dusclops carpet.png Dusclops carpet Item 11117.png Steelix Trophy
Case orange.gif TM case 4 Shuppet carpet.png Shuppet carpet Item 11118.png Primeape Trophy
Case silver.gif TM case 5 Banette carpet.png Banette carpet Item 11119.png Red Gyarados Trophy
Case silver.gif TM Case 6 Gastly carpet.png Gastly carpet Item 11120.png Lapras Trophy
Case silver.gif TM Case 7 Haunter carpet.png Haunter carpet Item 11121.png Gyarados Trophy
Case silver.gif TM Case 8 Gengar carpet.png Gengar carpet Item 11122.png Electabuzz Trophy
Case silver.gif TM Case 9 Misdreavus carpet.png Misdreavus carpet
Case silver.gif TM Case 10
Addons Addons Status
Item 11053.png Addon Bag Item 3135.png Nurse Hat Item 11089.png Vaporeon Statue
Item 3136.png Scarf Item 3137.png Ancient Helmet Item 11091.png Sandshrew Statue
Item 3138.png Golden Cross Item 3139.png Wizard hat Item 11093.png Umbreon Statue
Item 3140.png Eyepatch Item 3141.png Adventurer Hat Item 11095.png Eevee Statue
Item 3143.png Monocle Item 3144.png Bloody Knife Item 11097.png Bulbasaur Statue
Item 10732.png Carnaval band Item 10733.png 8 Item 11099.png Jolteon Statue
Item 10734.png Ninja equipment (blue) Item 10735.png Chaplin's suit Item 11101.png Pikachu Statue
Item 10750.png Gandalf's beard Item 10751.png Warrior mask Item 11103.png Flareon Statue
Item 10752.png Cape Item 10753.png Ninja equipment (red) Item 11105.png Espeon Statue
Item 10754.png Sparrow's set Item 10755.png 16 Item 11107.png Growlithe Statue
Item 10756.png Bandana Item 11028.png Legion helmet Item 11109.png Charmander Statue
Item 11042.png Golden tiara Item 11043.png Lifeguard set Item 11111.png Squirtle Statue
Item 11044.png Ethan's hat Item 11045.png Cowboy's hat Item 11113.png Bellossom Statue
Item 11046.png James Bond's sunglasses Item 11058.png Santa addon hat
Item 11064.png One star dragonball Item 11066.png Chef clothes
Item 11070.png White karate kimono Item 11071.png Black karate kimono
Item 11072.png Shadow punch Item 11073.png Ice punch
Item 11074.png Thunder punch Item 11075.png Fire Punch
Item 11076.png Cow costume Item 11086.png Phoenix cloth
Item 11087.png Bear skin Item 11088.png Wiggly's microphone